About Camp La Lucarne

Our lodge’s storey begins in the 1950’s; Maple Leaf Camp was owned by Ed Arbock. In the early 60’s up until 1984, it became Maple Leaf Lodge and was owned by Carmel & Len Grace. Since then, it was passed through a few owners such as Ray Perrault, Dawn and Pete Anderson, Doreen, Keith McDowel.

In 2010, Camp LaLucarne was purchased by Chief Harry St.Denis for Wolf Lake First Nation. In reclaiming and keeping our Algonquin language alive, we now call ourselves Opemica Lodge.

Today, we still host the families of some of these previous owners! We love to hear their fond memories of summers spent at this special place, as well as their adventures on Kipawa Lake!

Opemica Lodge is for families. Families who love to fish, hunt, ride the trails, or just take in the beauty and serenity of being on the lake!